form and foliage

Year round garden interest with minimal care

F&F in the News

Form and Foliage has been featured in the following publications and sites:

HGTV Gardens – ‘Branching Out: A Guide to Conifers’

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 1/7/11

Garden Design, January 2012

Fine Gardening Garden Photo of the Day, 12/21/11

Fine Gardening Garden Photo of the Day, 1/13/12

Fine Gardening Garden Photo of the Day, 7/19/12

Garden Diaries, GardenWeb (NBC/Universal):

Jan’s photographs are featured extensively on the website of the American Conifer Society

Fine Gardening Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013,’Get Long Lasting Good Looks with Less Work’, written by Sara, illustrated with Jan’s photographs


3 thoughts on “F&F in the News

  1. I enjoy your creative use of color and interesting plants. In your 8/19/12 Sumptuous Summer article, I saw a 3-tiered container titled “Succulents put on a great display in summer – checkout the orange leaves of the Crassula on the top tier!”. Could you please share the manufacturer or store where I might buy this container? [Secondly, in the same article, there is a photo of a bench titled “A well placed bench. . .”. Could you please provide the name of the fringe-like plant on the right side of the bench? I would appreciate any input you could provide. Many thanks!

    • Thanks, Stephanie. The ‘container’ is a defunct fountain. I’ve seen them for sale around here from time to time. This one is similar, but it is oval, not round, and mine was a fraction of the price since it didn’t work! I put concrete columns in between the levels to raise them (I made them with cardboard and cement). The plant next to the bench is Elegia capensis. May have been reclassified as Chondropetalum. It’s a restio from South Africa.




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